Norway Kennels offers accommodations to meet the needs of all sizes and breeds of dogs and cats.

Owner Julie Workman lives on site, offering special the attention that her clients have come to appreciate.

  • Indoor/outdoor covered runs
  • Fenced exercise/play areas
  • Heated and air condition facility
  • Swimming pools in the summer
  • Cat tri-level condos
  • Cot rental available for your pets comfort

I had a chance to meet Julie today and tour the kennels. I am the President of a rescue so I am very familiar with the type of facilities required by the Dept of AG and what they recommend. Julie’s kennels hit every mark and then some. Every dog looks happy. the place was spotless and smelled clean too.  And a big thank you to Julie for the donation to my rescue.  I would recommend Norway Kennels without hesitation.

Christine Righeimer